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Heatwave in Staffs! How to Keep Cool at Work

Heatwave in Staffs! How to Keep Cool at Work

With record temperatures hitting the Staffordshire region and heatwave warnings causing everyone who is at work (and not lazing under a parasol poolside somewhere) to get hot under the collar, we asked local temperature control solution specialists, Acclimatise to offer some tips on keeping cool in the office.

Eat smaller meals

When you eat a large meal, your body must work harder to digest it, pushing your metabolism into overdrive. Try to have small snacks throughout the day instead of larger meals and you’ll feel much cooler.

Avoid caffeine

Not going to be a popular one this but…  forgoing your morning tea or coffee can help you stay cool. Caffeine increases your heart rate and blood flow and speeds up your metabolism, all of which raises your body temperature. The same goes for beverages with a high sugar content, which can have similar effects.

Stock up the fridge and keep hydrated

If you don’t have a communal office cooler, keep bottles of water in the fridge. If space is at a premium, use a smaller bottle, poor yourself a glass every now and again and top up the bottle before popping it back in the fridge. This way you’ll have a constant supply of cool water all day. Secondly, if there’s room, put some wet flannels of towels in some Tupperware in the fridge. You won’t believe how amazing a cold wet flannel on the face or the back of the neck feels when the temperatures are stifling!

Wear light (and light) clothes

By this we mean both lightweight and light-coloured clothes. Unless you absolutely must wear a dark coloured uniform (sorry) then go light, as even a short walk to and from the office or at lunch time in dark clothing can leave you sweltering. Also, opt for natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk because they absorb sweat, which then evaporates and helps you cool down.

Window management!

A breeze through the office is nice, but if the air is hotter outside, all you’re doing is letting in hot air, so if you don’t have air con in the office and you’re thinking about opening the windows, have a check of how hot the air feels outside. If you DO have air con, then keep all windows and doors shut otherwise it’s just not going to work effectively and all the cool air will simply escape.  If your air conditioning in the office is broken, ask your boss to call a commercial chiller hire specialist (such as ourselves!) for a temporary cooling solution. If it’s too hot for his workers to work properly, it will be money well spent! Drawing the blind to keep the sun out can also help to lower temperatures indoors.

Head to a lower floor

As you probably know – or should probably know – heat rises. So, if you’re in a building with no air conditioning and you have more than one level (or a basement), the lower you go, the cooler it will be. If you can work from a laptop, maybe take a trip to the basement to cool down a bit!

Thank you to Acclimatise for the advice! Now please excuse me whilst I go and put my head in the nearest freezer.

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